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Novel 3: Stitches in Time (Hardcover)

Novel 3: Stitches in Time (Hardcover)

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Things are not always easy for the Blanchard family of Daihmler, Alabama. Over the last few years they've experienced more than their share of tribulations, even for a family of witches. Through the many ups and downs they have always had each other, but that was threatened at the end of Book Two as one of their own suddenly disappeared from a family cookout.

In the 3rd novel in THE BLANCHARD WITCHES series...we pick up where PRODIGAL DAUGHTERS left off, and the Blanchards are about to discover Beryl is not the only family member about to vanish before their eyes.

The family must search the past to find their loved ones. They will encounter relatives they have only heard about through family lore while facing challenges in unfamiliar worlds which might change their family timeline forever. Join your favorite family of witches for their next adventure as they face one of the greatest foes they've come up against...time.

1st Place Winner for Paranormal Fiction at BookFest

1st Place Winner in Paranormal Fiction at BookFest

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